Episode 10

Published on:

22nd Sep 2023

Creating Your Family Compass and GPS to Legacy

⚜️❤️ The Family Wealth Series !! 



With with Special Guests James A. Bergeron, J.D. and Brian Bere.

It’s been said:

“It’s Not How Much You Make, It’s How Much You Keep”

Join me and my colleagues, James A. Bergeron, J.D. and Brian Bere at Nuveen Investments, for a podcast series that focuses sharing important Family Wealth Management information that is designed to help you, and your family, become stronger and more independent. 

Jim is an attorney and Advisor Education Consultant in the Global Learning and Development group where he and the team focus on developing and delivering intellectual capital designed to help wealth management firms and advisory practices evolve - and enhance their relationships with clients.

Jim is a graduate of Augsburg University in Minneapolis with degrees in Economics and Political Science and later received his Law Degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Jim currently serves on theNorthern Regional Council for the American Cancer Society.

Brian is an Internal Advisor Consultant with Nuveen, and a graduate of Miami University.

Ellis Wealth Management and our friends at Nuveen want you to grow and keep all that you have worked for - in Finances and in Life! 


  • Creating the Family Value Compass
  • The Family Value Statement
  • How to Construct Governance
  • The Path to Legacy
  • 10 Questions

Get Ready as we continue our focus on the greatest investment of all

- Human Capital and The Family!

“Invest in What You Love!”® ❤️⚜️

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Session #02 "The 4 Corner Documents" can be heard here:


Session # 03 Topics include:

  • 4 Corner Documents
  • Letters of Intent 
  • Who Got What, and 
  • Practical Steps and Action Items !

We hope our conversations will help you acquire more knowledge, become even more curious about the gifts that are in and all around us, while supporting you to reach new heights as we grow together.

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Additional Resources:

Family Wealth Series 10 Questions Journal

Nuveen, Family Wealth Education Curriculum

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